Josh Woods, CEO

 Master Consulting Services

(866) 723-0298

Paul has written several blog articles for my clients. In doing so, he has shown the utmost professionalism in every aspect of our working relationship.

His writing was always highly creative, thought provoking, fun to read and informative. He met every deadline I demanded of him with correct word counts, grammar and spelling.


He even had a readable font.

Anyone who uses his services will be very glad they did.

Erik Gross, Co-founder

The Tech Academy

Paul and I worked together on a number of community betterment projects in the Portland area. As an entrepreneur and writer myself, I feel I have a good basis of experience and skill from which to judge Paul’s skills.

Paul is an EXCELLENT writer. I have direct knowledge of his products in that area, and they are exceptional. Finally, his chief asset as a consultant is a simple one: he is there to help.


Paul is, at heart, a very kind person, and truly wants the best for the people he works with.

I can personally recommend him as a business consultant and marketing specialist.